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has never been easier or faster!

With the MiniOmni Portable Bone Densitometer you can easily achieve OMW 5 STARS. Now 3 Times Faster Patient Screenings!

starImprove Measures and Achieve 5 Stars

You have now found the one solution, which has been proven many times over, to improve your HEDIS OMW measure from the low 2, 3 or 4 STARS to 5 STARS.

starAlready have 5 STARS? Reduce Your Costs

Fantastic. This solution will help you reduce costs, and guarantee that you preserve your hard to achieve 5 STARS.

starMeet The Standards and Close The Gaps

Portable Bone Density Solution meeting the standard requirement of NCQA HEDIS OMW measures to CLOSE THE GAPS.

Hedis Omw

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Start Improving Your Measures With Our Bone Density Scanner

BeamMed’s Hedis OMW Bone Density Solution that fit the NCQA Hedis measures and close the Hedis gaps.

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starClose The Gaps

starPrevent The Gaps

starPrevent The Fractures

starGet 5 Stars HEDIS OMW

Hedis OmwBeamMed USA is proud to offer a solution that was proven in dozens of health providers and hundreds of clinics as a perfect tool for gaining the Medicare stars, according to the Hedis data collection protocol.

Hedis reporting proved that Medicare 5 star rating was achieved in just a few months of using our MiniOmni bone density assessment.

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Screening with the MiniOmni helps identify Risk Adjustment opportunities.

Ongoing screening, either in the clinic or as part of a home visit, for women above the age of 65, would reveal many unknown osteoporosis cases that require treatments or medications to minimize fractures.

When a Patient is diagnosed with Osteoporosis and prescribed accordingly, their Risk must be Adjusted, and at the same time, related reimbursements with RxHCC.

Classification of the “Higher Risk” Patient (similar to a Diabetic) adds related costs, reimbursements, and revenue.

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We enjoy the simplicity of using the MiniOmni!

It’s size makes it very portable and convenient to bring to health fairs. Clients enjoy how easy it is to have the ultrasound testing performed on the wrist(...)

Cynthia W.
Assistant Professor
Overall Rating:5 on a total of 101 Ratings

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Now 3 Times Faster Patient Screenings!

The BeamMed Sunlight MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Ultrasonometer is a lightweight, compact, and mobile solution to detecting and monitoring osteoporosis. The radiation-free system measures bone density at the forearm bone (Radius), phalanx, and metatarsal (Calcaneus), eliminating the need to bend towards the floor or undress. Results are measured based on comparison of the patient’s scan with that of a younger person of the same gender. The BeamMed Sunlight portable-bone-density-scanner-2MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Ultrasonometer also produces results based on comparison against someone of similar weight, age, and gender. Using highly precise Omnipath axial transmission technology that measures along the bone’s maximal strength axis, the diagnostic equipment accurately assesses bone strength. This technology proves to be the most accurate and portable in the market.

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