has never been easier!

We all know that OMW is one of the most difficult measures to achieve 5 STARS.

Improve Measures and Achieve 5 Stars

You have now found the one solution, which has been proven many times over, to improve your HEDIS OMW measure from the low 2, 3 or 4 STARS to 5 STARS.

Already have 5 STARS? Reduce Your Costs

Fantastic. This solution will help you reduce costs, and guarantee that you preserve your hard to achieve 5 STARS.

Meet The Standards and Close The Gaps

Portable Bone Density Solution meeting the standard requirement of NCQA Hedis OMW measures to CLOSE THE GAPS.

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    BeamMed’s Hedis OMW Bone Density Solution that fit the NCQA Hedis measures and close the Hedis gaps.

    Contact Us Immediately To Find Out How You Can:

    • Close The Gaps
    • Prevent The Gaps
    • Prevent The Fractures
    • Get 5 Stars Hedis OMW

    BeamMed USA is proud to offer a solution that was proven in dozens of health providers and hundreds of clinics as a perfect tool for gaining the Medicare stars, according to the Hedis data
    collection protocol.

    Hedis reporting proved that Medicare 5 star rating was achieved in just a few months of using our MiniOmni bone density assessment.

    Please Contact Us at: info@beammed.com